Market Stall Checklist

To round off our little blog series on creating the best Market Stall experience you can, we have put together a handy checklist document for you.

The day of a market can be hectic. You’re up at the crack of dawn to drive to the venue for bump-in. You have about two hours to get your stall completely set up and ready to trade. Hopefully it’s a busy day with lots of visitors meaning you will most likely be on your feet all day, chatting and serving customers. Then you have one, maybe two hours to pack down your stall, cart it back to your car for loading and drive home to a well deserved glass of something cold. Phew! What a day.

Being prepared ahead of time and ensuring you have packed everything you need will reduce market day stress and the need to dash home to get something you’ve forgotten. We have used our collective market experience to put together a list of Market Day necessities, also leaving room for you to fill in more specific items or merchandise you want to take.

And remember….Always Be Prepared!

Market Stall Check List 01.jpg