Welcome to the Blue Mountains Makers

The Blue Mountains Makers are an artisan group based in the Blue Mountains two hours west of Sydney.

Beginning as a team on Etsy.com as a way to connect with sellers locally. An opportunity was advertised by Etsy to find the first regional location in Australia for a team to become hosts of Etsy Made Local, a global market event held on the same day nationally where the public could meet the sellers who make up the community on Etsy.com.

Nisa Stone a new member of the group took the initiative to apply, not expecting to win the opportunity. It was a rush of excitement that ensued as we formed a small committee including members Jenny Lawday and Caroline Wilde. We sought out the idyllic Norman Lindsay Gallery and Lewers Bequest Heritage Gardens as a venue.


Learning as we went what goes into organising a market. We drew huge crowds to the venue and since the first year in 2016 have hosted Etsy Made Local Blue Mountains in 2017 and our third year for November 24th 2018 is currently in planning.

After our first market our community and committee has grown extensively, we now have over 10 committee members and over 200 group members. We are also now hosting a new Artisan Market at the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub in Springwood on August 18.

What started as a new experience for all of us has grown into one of the most successful local online communities and market events.

Blue Mountains Makers Markets being organised by seasoned stallholders enabled us to really create stand out events by keeping our core values in handmade and design while understanding what the public are looking for in supporting small businesses locally.

When the community buy from small businesses this boosts our local economy, it helps artisans and families directly and when supporting handmade business this doubles because they aren't outsourcing their work. 

The Blue Mountains Makers create a supportive and fun network for artisans whether your craft is purely a hobby or if you’d like it to be your main source of income. We share opportunities and ideas, events and business advice.

We encourage anyone to ask questions and feel free to share their work for encouragement or simply because. We are all so happy to see our community thrive, whether creativity is a hobby, business or form of expression it's such a wonderful way to live. To have something you create, that you can share with others.


Keep creating,

Nisa Stone

President, Blue Mountains Makers Inc